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to my bestest friend in the whole world ever...

WOOFY BIRTHDAY jeffla !!!!!!!!

i love ya like crazy, mister!!!

it's ME.
i swear - i am going to lose my damn mind.



MAL was sooooo (way too) much fun, but that's for another post!

i'm going to NOLA on 22JAN and will be there until at least 30JAN (and quite possibly longer).

i'm staying just about a block outside the FQ, so if anyone is near there or is going to be (near) there - LEMME KNOW!


well, almost all...


howdy, folks!

lots to capture here, but i'm starting with the most "urgent."



the daddio and i will hit the road on friday afternoon after he gets outta work.

i can't even imagine what the traffic will be like, so who knows when we'll actually arrive in the city?!

we're staying with a pal right near our beloved chinatown (CHINA!!!) and once we're settled in there we shall hit the hotel lobby and/or whatever else is going on.

saturday will be more hotel -:andstuff:- and then BLOWOFF!

sunday = who knows -:andstuff:- and then the drive back to PA/miles away.

i'm not a dc-ite anymore, so i need my LJ peeps to give me the skinny on the best weekend happenings!


every morning i have some sort of protein shake before working out.

lately, i've been working my way through a 1500g jug of chocolate milk flavored muscle milk light.

this morning, i decided to look at the container for some reason and discovered that it was "best by 7/2008."

good. gawd.

i never noticed a difference in taste or consistency and i'm wondering...

keep goin' or discard and begin again with another non-expired jug?

many of my pals tell me expiration dates are total bunk on items that "seem" non-perishable - if it smells/tastes fine, it probably is.

others say the date on the container is mission critical and that i'm a fool for taking those last few tylenols when they expired last month.

anyone out there have a thought one way or the other?

(and for the record, i tried calling cytosport but they're on pacific time and still fast asleep - i'm relatively certain they will tell me i'm fine but that i should quickly run out and buy a new jug.)

woofy new year to all my LJ pals!

have fun!

be safe!


this is our first official xmas at miles away - meaning we're both living here full-time and starting our new life in good old weatherly, pa.

(we celebrated xmas here last year, but hopped a plane shortly thereafter to LA for NYE and then returned to our temporary digs in DC where we continued to work/live, in that order, until this fall when we made the permanent move)

we love it here and feel VERY lucky to be living our dream so far ahead of schedule.

we're also very happy to have already made so many good friends (in such a small town!).

we decided, given our good fortune and the devastating impact the economic downturn made to many others, that we'd inquire with one of the local churches as to whether there might be a way we could help or perhaps a local family in need.

they were hesitant at first, simply because we're not members of the (any!) church and we're not familiar faces to anyone in the community, but the other night we finally received a call from a woman who gave us the name of "our" family.

we were completely overwhelmed as we listened to her give the details - father out of work and on dialysis, mother working at least three (3) jobs, six (maybe more) kids ranging from age six to early twenties (the older ones with kids of their own, still living at home), no winter coats, no new shoes, no medicines in the chest, no food in the fridge and/or pantry, etc, all living together in the top level of a home in EXTREME disrepair - basically an attic turned into two rooms plus a kitchen/bathroom combination.

that night, we went through our pantry and then through all of the boxes in the basement. anything that was still within date and/or still in its original packaging went into two large baskets. soup, pasta, canned goods, cookies, fresh fruit, appliances, games, toys, stuffed animals, books...everything we'd never used and /or taken for granted went into the baskets.

then we hit Walmart and filled in the gaps.

then we put some cash into two envelopes and buried one in each basket.

lastly, we put together a small basket with styrofoam cups, hot chocolate packets and candy canes.

when we were done, we called the church and told them we were ready to drop off our donation(s).

mind you, we were VERY clear when we originally spoke that we wanted to remain ANONYMOUS.

"unfortunately", there wasn't anyone at the church capable of making the delivery and so it was decided that someone would call the family to let them know several baskets were being delivered by two gentleman (a term used VERY loosely, of course) who volunteered to run the various XMAS gifts/donations in their truck.

when we arrived at the house, the site was almost more than we could bear.

we put on our biggest smiles and brought the baskets into the kitchen, then wished them well and quickly made our exit.

the mother ran after us and gave us an envelope, saying, "please. we don't know who to thank but we must thank someone. will you please bring this card back to the church and see that the right people get it?"

"sure thing!" we said, then we hopped into our truck and drove out of sight.

when we got home, we opened the envelope. it was a simple XMAS card with a handwritten message of thanks for the much-needed kindness and generosity.

i SWEAR i could feel the genuine humility and desperation with which every word was written.

we cried a few tears, hugged one another and decided it was ok to feel a little pride in what we'd done.

end of story?

we thought so, until this afternoon...

my mom (who also lives in weatherly) called.

"did you hear? did you hear? someone made three amazing gift baskets and donated them to the XXX family! the whole town is talking about it! whoever it was, they basically saved this family from starving over the holidays and even gave them enough money for the youngest children to get coats. they also gave them food and toys and games and all sorts of things! the family has been to everyone they know, asking who could have possibly done such a thing, given how hard times are for everyone. they are totally overwhelmed with the anonymous benevolence and feel compelled to give thanks personally to the donors. isn't that wonderful? you two should really think about doing something like that, you know. you're very lucky."

yes...yes we are.

WOOFY holidays, everyone!

my daddio made another fabu lunch today.

and once again, i must dedicate the mushroom-liciousness to my pal, nebulocity1976 !